Aerolite Calcium Silicate False Ceiling

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Aerolite Calcium Silicate False Ceiling Enhances the Overall Ambience of a Room

Aerolite calcium silicate false ceiling can transform the entire look of your office. Aerolite calcium silicate is a lightweight material and is endowed with numerous features apt for creating a sophisticated designer ceiling system.

Immense aesthetic value

Aerolite calcium silicate false ceiling is available in the market in an attractive range of surface textures and alluring designs. The beautiful product is designed to meet the most challenging and ingenious requirements of modern architecture. You can choose from an interesting range of geometric or asymmetrical patterns. This kind of ceiling has opened numerous exciting and attractive options, which are being employed to create inspiring and remarkable interiors.

Benefits of an Aerolite Calcium Silicate False Ceiling

  • Resistant to water: Aerolite calcium silicate false ceiling have complete RH resistance. They are not affected by moisture, water and even withstand extreme temperatures. These ceiling do not soften even in high degree of humidity in the environments. Thus, these ceilings can be used under all kind of weather conditions.
  • Fire resistant: These amazing silicate ceilings are non-combustible and stand unaffected by spread of flames. These ceilings offer unrivalled fire protection to the building structures and can last for a longer period of time during eventuality of an accidental fire.
  • Offers Thermal Insulation: Aerolite calcium silicate ceilings have a great thermal insulation property thus making this kind of ceiling better than any other common ceiling material. You can maintain and sustain proper room comfort as you opt to install & Aerolite” calcium silicate ceilings. Besides this type of false ceiling falls cost effective since it saves overall heating as well as cooling expenses.
  • Absorbs Sound: Lightweight calcium silicate material does not transmit or boost the sound vibrations. Rather the sound absorbing false ceiling material is ideal for managing the acoustics in whichever areas it is put.
  • Durable: These ceilings have superb flexural strength because of their composition as well as the manufacturing process.

Experienced Architectures and interior decorators are opting for this modern concept in order to enhance the overall ambience of a room. In fact you can change a non-descript room to a smart and modern workplace.

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