False Ceiling Designs

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Ceiling Design

The market is replete with wide range of wall ceiling covers, but you have to choose the one which suits your budget as well as need. Some ceiling covers are difficult to set up. Coming to PVC false ceiling they not only look nice but are also easy to fix up. These are a very good solution if you desire to safeguard your ceiling designs. PVC false ceiling also looks fashionable. They are available in whatever look you want, ranging from wood-grain look to granite-look, stone look, onyx etc.

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. It is basically a plastic paneling which is designed as per needs of the client. It ensures a wide range of benefits to the user.


Real wooden ceiling are hardly durable. On the other hand PVC ceiling panels are not only low cost but also resilient to environmental factors. They encompass low servicing cost. They will not soak any water unlike wooden ceiling.

Easy to install

PVC ceiling panels are quite easy to fix up or set up. Most of the PVC paneling is done in form of tongue and groove set up. You just have to fix them on the ceiling. You can even nail them wherever you want. You can use adhesive PVC ceilings. The paneling is very light in weight. It is portable as well as simple to handle. You do not require too many tools for setting it up.


The variety you get in PVC wall ceilings is immense. You can get any shade, design or look as per your wish.


PVC panels offer proper insulation. You can even go for higher levels insulation as per your need.

Easy to maintain

Unlike other kinds of ceiling, you will not have to do much to clean the PVC panels. Just wipe them with wet cloth and your work is done.


Although initially you may find PVC paneling little expensive, the benefits usually compensate for the extra money you spend. Owing to the low servicing cost, hard-wearing, flame resistant and easy to clean, people usually prefer PVC false ceilings over other surfaces.

Flame resistant

PVC panels are resistant to flame so this offers necessary protection to your family.

Easy to change

If you want to change the look of your house or you are little bored with your PVC false ceiling you can get the same changed without any problem.

So, go in for PVC false ceilings and have a hassle free existence.