Gypsum Board Partition

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Gypsum Board Partition Design

What are Gypsum Board Partitions?

Gypsum Board Partitions find immense application in modern architecture and styling. Commonly referred to as drywalls, these partitions are made by pressing the gypsum plaster successfully between two thick sheets of paper.

Why Use Gypsum Board Partitions?

A lot of times, it has been seen that people use bricks or plywood for the construction of a new interior wall. An easy alternative today is simply installing gypsum board partition walls that save you from all the expense and dirty work involved in fresh construction. These drywall partitions have an enormous edge over wooden boards as they are safer and fire-resistant. Similarly, when compared to a hefty brick wall, these gypsum walls greatly reduce the weight of the building. Also, their thermal and acoustic insulation properties help in generating a safe and quiet environment.

Benefits of Installing a Gypsum Board Partition Wall

  • Sound transmission is a very big consideration in designing a building today. The noise should be prevented from transferring to the adjoining areas. With gypsum board partitions, it is extremely easy to curb the sound transference, creating a pleasant abode.
  • They are extremely easy to install. They can be easily drilled into and are also being used in a number of ceiling designs today. Also, they can be installed at much lower labour costs in comparison to other materials.
  • They are light in weight and exhibit fire resistance properties.
  • They produce minimal amount of waste and construction debris and are easy to assemble by complying with the mounting technology.
  • Gypsum Board Partitions are very smooth. Their surface can be easily painted or suitable wallpaper can be applied to it in order to enhance the overall look of the wall.

Install Gypsum Board Partitions for Striking Aesthetics

Partitions made in gypsum board fulfil a vast range of architectural demands for design. Their performance and ease of application, abundant availability, effortless repair and effective adaptability to almost all forms of interior decoration combine together, to make these partition walls an unmatched product.

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