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Gypsum False Ceiling Designing

Gone are the days when ceilings made in unostentatious concrete and wood used to be the reverie. Today, false ceilings have become a predominant symbol of modernism and finesse, greatly transforming a space. Apart from adorning the aesthetics of a place by generating unique design options, these false ceilings are bent upon serving various other functions. All home décor aficionados are constantly looking for ways to transform and embellish their houses in compelling ways. One significant way to achieve this is to modify the overall look of your ceiling using gypsum boards.

Plaster Of Paris  false Ceiling (pop) Designing

Plaster of Paris is a great building material that has metamorphosed the face of contemporary interiors. The highly adaptive material comes as a dry powder which needs to be blended with water before using. Plaster of Paris is greatly being used as an effective false ceiling material finding immense application in all forms of architecture.

Metal False Ceiling Design

In the current era of fast changing technology, the innovative concept of metal false ceilings is being increasingly used by all enterprising architects. False ceilings dramatically transform your interiors and lend a radically modern and sophisticated ambience to the area. They make the room look impressive and impart a striking aura to the space.

Wall Panelling & Design

Wall Panelling & Design has become a significant and integral part of contemporary architecture. Today, a great variety of these panels are available, that can be played with in order to create unique and eccentric style patterns. The present day walls panels are made using distinct composite and synthetic materials such as MDF, polyurethane and melamine etc. Also, different wall panels printed with 3D patterns and other intriguing textures can be located in the market, adding a great aesthetic beauty to the walls.

Gypsum Cornice Design

Cornices are fundamentally ornamental moulding designs that are placed at the junction of the walls and the ceiling. Aimed at providing a neat and finished look, cornice designs have become a significant part of contemporary architecture. Derived from the French and Italian architectural designs, these beautiful structures endow a perfect image to the Indian interior spaces.

Gypsum Board Partition

Gypsum Board Partitions are widely used in various commercial as well as residential places. These partitions find immense application in modern architecture and styling. Commonly referred to as drywalls, these partitions are made by pressing the gypsum plaster successfully between two thick sheets of paper.

PVC False Ceiling

The market is replete with wide range of wall ceiling covers, but you have to choose the one which suits your budget as well as need. Some ceiling covers are difficult to set up. Coming to PVC false ceiling they not only look nice but are also easy to fix up. These are a very good solution if you desire to safeguard your ceiling designs. PVC false ceiling also looks fashionable. They are available in whatever look you want, ranging from wood-grain look to granite-look, stone look, onyx etc.

Aerolite Calcium Silicate False Ceiling

Aerolite calcium silicate false ceiling can transform the entire look of your office. Aerolite calcium silicate is a lightweight material and is endowed with numerous features apt for creating a sophisticated designer ceiling system.

Hilux Calcium Silicate False Ceiling & Partition

Modern interior decoration concepts include unique ways to decorate the ceilings of offices and homes. Decorating the ceilings not only improves the aesthetic value but also offers more security to the actual ceiling. Hilux calcium silicate false ceiling & partition are apt for commercial or industrial usage.

Armstrong False Ceiling- Your Perfect Ceiling Solution

If you are looking for a ceiling solution for your office space, Armstrong false ceiling is the ideal choice. There are different kinds of false ceiling available in the market. The style and color options available are also quite a lot. Choose a ceiling which goes with overall look of your room. It should give an impression of space and openness. False ceiling if chosen appropriately look very impressive. They in fact enhance the overall look of your room.

Gypsum Laminate Grid False Ceiling

A false ceiling has become an integral part of designing of your interior spaces. The materials used for false ceilings are quite many. A lot of people today are increasingly opting for the gypsum laminates grid false ceilings to refurbish their commercial spaces. Gypsum material hosts some exceptional attributes that makes it a perfect choice for ceiling patterns.

Electrical Wearing & Painting Work

Electrical wearing and painting work calls for an expert. In order to apply paint you have to make use of a high velocity spray. Compressed air is sprayed by making use of electrostatic applicator. You can also apply paint with help of brushes. When you paint something you are actually exposing your body to harmful chemicals, so there is need to follow some precautions. These potentially unsafe chemicals may have a detrimental effect on your health. If you desire to do work yourself you might not really be able to give a good finish.

Plaster of Paris Wall Punning

The construction sector is ever evolving with new technological advancements and innovations coming your way. All these new trends are bent upon making the construction process faster, thereby delivering top notch performance. One such technique that has become increasingly popular is the Plaster of Paris wall punning.