Plaster of Paris Wall Punning

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Plaster of Paris Wall Punning

The construction sector is ever evolving with new technological advancements and innovations coming your way. All these new trends are bent upon making the construction process faster, thereby delivering top notch performance. One such technique that has become increasingly popular is the Plaster of Paris wall punning.

What is Plaster of Paris Wall Punning?

Plaster of Paris Wall Punning is the process of applying thin layers of plaster (about 3-5 mm) on the interior as well as exterior walls/ beams/columns. This helps to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place. If your walls are facing the problems of large undulations or perhaps the plastered surface is uneven, then it is essential to opt for effective Plaster of Paris wall punning services.

Therefore, for all the walls that require special attention, POP wall punning is the ideal option.

Benefits of Plaster of Paris Wall Punning

  • Apart from rendering a decorative appeal, POP wall punning enhances the wall shine and smoothness.
  • It effectively hides all the plastering cracks and other defects.
  • It provides for optimum protection against seepage.
  • The process of Plaster of Paris Wall Punning is time saving. It reduces the plastering time by a stupendous value of 70%.
  • Plaster of Paris is a great material that has low thermal conductivity. It therefore helps in saving on electricity.

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