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Gypsum Ceiling

Gone are the days when ceilings made in unostentatious concrete and wood used to be the reverie. Today, false ceilings have become a predominant symbol of modernism and finesse, greatly transforming a space. Apart from adorning the aesthetics of a place by generating unique design options, these false ceilings are bent upon serving various other functions. All home décor aficionados are constantly looking for ways to transform and embellish their houses in compelling ways. One significant way to achieve this is to modify the overall look of your ceiling using gypsum boards.

Gypsum false celling provide with the best bargain for highlighting the overall room design by hiding all the unsightly things such as wiring, AC ducting, light holder caps along with enhancing the insulation properties. Since the gypsum material is so simple to handle, it offers plentiful designs.

Benefits of Gypsum False Ceilings

  • Gypsum board false ceilings are thoroughly easy to install as they are extremely light in weight.
  • These false ceilings feature noise and moisture insulation properties.
  • They can be easily casted into strikingly beautiful ceiling designs.
  • They possess high fire resistance properties along with complete durability and versatility.
  • These ceiling can be easily decorated and embellished.

What Makes Gypsum False Ceilings a Highly Favoured Choice?

Being a strapping and robust material, gypsum is a highly favoured choice for creating designer and vogue ceiling designs with prodigious dimensions. Phenomenal results can be acquired by effectively installing these ceiling designs in bedrooms, kitchens, living areas, office spaces and many other places. Therefore, in order to impart an extraordinary appeal to the interior space and make it more comfortable and alluring, Gypsum false ceilings is the best option.

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Décor Enterprise successfully proffers an extensive gypsum board design catalogue with inventive colour scheme options. These amazing colours and beautiful configurations can essentially help you to transmute the interior space of your house and get rid of all the monotony.