Plaster Of Paris false Ceiling Designing

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Plaster Of Paris  false Ceiling Designing

What are Plaster of Paris False Ceilings?

Plaster of Paris is a great building material that has metamorphosed the face of contemporary interiors. The highly adaptive material comes as a dry powder which needs to be blended with water before using. Plaster of Paris is greatly being used as an effective false ceiling material finding immense application in all forms of architecture.

What Makes Plaster of Paris a Highly Favoured Choice?

The fashion of POP False ceilings cannot be questioned. Today, they are extensively being chosen for houses, offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and so on. The profound use of POP ceilings can be highly accredited to the versatility and adaptability of Plaster of Paris. The amazing material can be successfully casted and moulded into any desired shape, serving for the creation of alluring designs and patterns on the ceiling.

Benefits of a Plaster of Paris False Ceiling

  • Plaster of Paris is extremely light in weight, very durable and has a low thermal conductivity.
  • It is a great fire resistant and features absolute heat insulation properties.
  • Plaster of Paris provides a smooth and finished look to your ceiling design, without the development of any cracks in the ceiling.
  • The POP ceilings can be easily painted in any colour. Furthermore, when they are wet, any texture can be infused in them with ease.
  • POP false ceilings can be moulded into any desired shape which offers a lot of scope for experimentation, as distinct levels can be produced in the ceilings, infusing another dimension.
  • Different types of ceilings such as recessed, dome, curvilinear, circular, layered etc. can be successfully created using Plaster of Paris thus, highlighting the ceiling design of a space in an effective manner.

Some Significant Ways of Enhancing your Ceiling Design with Plaster of Paris

The POP ceiling can be given any texture and colour and is most often used with wood in the ceiling. Another option which is widely used for complementing the POP ceilings is glass. Therefore, if a person wants to opt for a specific material for constructing the ceiling, POP can be effectively used with it to augment the beauty of the design. If an embellished ceiling is not your choice, you can also go for a plain Plaster of Paris ceiling painted in an attractive colour. The POP lends an amazingly smooth and flushed look to the ceiling which is hard to be obtained by other materials.

Plaster of Paris False Ceiling with Lighting

With these varied ceiling designs, a lot can be done with lighting by creating different options for the interior spaces. For example, in a bedroom you can go for a recessed ceiling design with the central part as being recessed and installing appropriate lighting along the edges and a beautiful chandelier in the center. Another option that is quite in trend today is cove lighting. POP false ceiling designs which incorporate cove lighting is a customary way of adorning the interior ceiling designs today. These false ceilings are becoming increasing popular as they help in hiding all the AC ducts and the electrical wiring, rendering a neat look.

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